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Doing more means not just saying “I’m looking at your upcoming contract and I will advocate for you” but also thinking about ways in which I can be more supportive of my department's contingent faculty with their research. -- Carmenita Higginbotham

David Rifkind discusses ethical approaches to managing contingent faculty

David Rifkind, PhD

Associate Professor of Architecture and Interim Chair of Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design at Florida International University

Carmenita Higginbotham discusses ethical approaches to managing contingent faculty

Carmenita Higginbotham, PhD

Dean, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts

Carmenita and David talk about the mission-critical contributions their contingent faculty make and reflect on options they have, as department chairs, to support part-time teaching staff.

As you'll hear, they don’t claim to have all the answers. But they do identify some of the needs they think can and ought to be addressed -- and then work through some of them to begin formulating reasonable concrete steps for meaningful change. David happens to have adjunct teaching experience, so his insights about the contingent faculty experience are rooted in direct personal knowledge; Carmenita’s department is structured along traditional lines, so her comments about goals, policies, and procedures to be widely resonant.

Runtime: 34:01 minutes