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Personally one of the best things about the entire process of organizing and coming together and really showing our strength as one faculty has just been getting to know all these other colleagues from across campus that I would never have gotten to know otherwise. -- Jason Grunebaum

Sarita Heer discusses behind the scenes with contingent faculty unions

Sarita K. Heer, PhD

Instructor of Art History in the Fine and Performing Arts Department at Loyola University Chicago

Jason Grunebaum discusses behind the scenes of contingent faculty unions

Jason Grunebaum

Lecturer in Hindi in the Department of South Asian Languages & Civilizations at the University of Chicago

Sarita and Jason discuss the myriad whys and hows of contingent faculty union organizing. Sarita delves deeply into her union’s one-day strike last spring while Jason shares some really thoughtful insights about the union formation process going on right now at his institution.

Along the way they talk dancing in the streets and chasing away nightmares, proving union work isn’t always about ugly disagreements and tedious legalese.

Runtime: 31:47 minutes