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Contingent Talk Gardini and Cortez

The Realities of Adjuncting Today

Ashley Gardini and Cheyanne Cortez have a candid discussion about participating in today's precarious academic labor market from their perspectives as community college instructors.

Contingent Talk Guggenheimer and Oh discuss arts professionals as contingents

How Arts Professionals Contribute as Contingent Faculty

Maggie Guggenheimer and Ellen Oh describe how their rich careers in arts administration also eventually led to teaching and how what they’ve done in their non-academic professional work informs their pedagogy.

Contingent Talk Rifkind and Higginbotham discuss managing contingent faculty

Ethical Approaches to Managing Contingent Faculty

David Rifkind, PhD and Carmenita Higginbotham, PhD talk about the mission-critical contributions their contingent faculty make and reflect on options they have, as department chairs, to support part-time teaching staff.

Contingent Talk Heer and Grunebaum discuss contingent faculty unions

Contingent Faculty Unions Behind the Scenes

Sarita K. Heer, PhD and Jason Grunebaum discuss the myriad whys and hows of contingent faculty union organizing.

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